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Genesis Heat Set Paints - Paint Tutorial

Genesis Paint Tutorial 1

This is the beginning of a portrait of my son Jack. I laid him out, did some shading and then was sort of lost.
I wanted to make his face colorful, which was something new to me. I really can only paint what I can see.

Genesis Paint Tutorial 2

This was my sad attempt to put color here in there and he was just getting stranger and stranger looking.
So, I decided that I would let the computer show me how to place the right colors.

I took the previous picture, loaded into my computer and pulled it up in a program where I can go and do all sorts of fun things to photos. This is a HUGE aid to me when I get lost and don’t know where to go next. I put in into the illusions and had the computer paint him in “finger paint”. It shows me where the colors need to go.

Portrait Painting Demonstration

This was the next photo I took after taking the advice of the computer program. It is looking much better, but know that I need to lighten him… too dark.

Portrait Painting Tutorial

This is the final portrait. I like the way he turned out, even though he looks a tad surly. (Didn’t want to give me a nice expression for the photo… I warned him that I can only paint what I see!) I still like it. I looked at the computer picture all the way to the end. I highlly recommend that anyone starting to paint, do this. I show my students how it is done so they don’t have to have to make up the colors, just paint what the computer photo is showing you it is suppose to look like. I often do it first with the actual photo that I am doing the painting with to lay out my pallette with all the colors the computer is showing me to use. Great fun and takes a LOT of the guess work out of the begining stages of a painting.


This beautiful woman is Concetta, and she lives here on Kauai.  I spotted her one day while having a salad at Costco.  She walked by me and I was mesmerized by her.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her because she was so darn beautiful!  I watched her as she got something to eat, and came and then sat down at the other end of the table where I was.  She sat there with perfect posture, then bowed her head and said a little prayer before starting on her food.

Holy smokes - how can I get a picture of this lady so I can paint her?   Well, the only way was to go up to her and ask, so I did.  I went up and sat next to her telling her that I wondered if it was ok if I spoke to her for a second.  She was very friendly, smiling saying “Of course, what can I do for ya?”  I told her that I was a portrait artist, and I would love to paint her just because she was so darn pretty!  I told her that I work from photos and would need to get together with her to take some pictures, but I would then just give her the portrait for free, no strings, I just wanted the exercise to do her face.

Needless to say, she was surprised, but flattered and fortunately agreed.  She came up later that week and we sat and took a couple of photos.  This is the photo that I worked from and here is the painting.  I finished it in one day because I was having such a good time.  I called her the next day and told her to come and get her portrait - she was shocked that it was done already and that was fun for me.  I told her I was able to do it fast because of the paints that I use, Genesis Paints.

I have painted Concetta 3 times and I have painted her daughter Rio once.  Rio has a face of an angel and I had a hard time capturing her beauty as she is overwhelmingly beautiful.  Sweet 16 and just as sweet as she is nice.  Everytime I see her I tell her that she doesn’t belong here on this little island, but on the cover of Cosmo!  That is my story about Concetta, and that is how I got started in painting black faces.  I love the features, the hair, the skin tone and all that goes with doing their portraits.